Tradition, technique, and illusion

This 18th century technique was first seen in wood marquetry but the Maison reimagined the craft for trunk design, forging a new path to the mastery of craft and colour.

Leather marquetry requires extreme patience and precision by hand. Every piece of leather is expertly cut by hand based on a desired motif. The artisan takes precision in the thickness of the leather, skilfully assembles them by hand, piecing them edge to edge forming a trompe l’oeil. A tour de force undetectable to the eye and to the touch. This expert technique fits all the pieces together, creating the illusion as if it is one piece of leather. Each marquetry piece is a unique work of art and the finest savoir-faire expression of the Maison.

Flori M Tourterelle wears pieces of leather in Chili and Ocean colors forming a trompe l'œil

Flori M Marquetry Bag

Each Flori bag is embellished into a symbolic “M”, composed of 18 pieces of leather in different sizes and colours. The theme “M” symbolises the codes of the Maison: Moynat, Marquetry and Mastery. Each piece of the leather puzzle has its place to complete the whole composition. This geometric symbol is also reminiscent of Art Deco typography with its sharp angles, accompanied by the straight lines juxtaposed with the curved shape of the Flori. A meticulous creation with an Art Deco twist that is visually enchanting with a touch of luxury. It is both the preservation of the craft and freedom from its conventions that allow for this greatness of the marquetry art.